The Hunter

Stealthily advances down the path
Blending into garden shadows dim,
Tensing in the wild storm aftermath
Dodging brush and broken fallen limb

Movement in the garden flower bed,
Could it be a morsel for its lunch?
Or the movement of the wind instead;
Pauses on the impulse of a hunch

Quivering in the shadows of a palm
Tiny mouse observes the hunting cat,
Magpie passing sounds a shrill alarm
Telling where the stealthy hunter’s at

Settling on the wooden picket fence
Magpie sounds a warning to its kind,
Peering into gloomy shadows dense
Wondering what the hunting cat will find

Raging wind had broken mouse’s home
Nowhere near to flee the hunter’s pounce
Just the temporary shelter of a gnome
Waiting for that final fatal bounce

Magpie swoops to trouble hunter still,
Cat cries out in startled loud surprise,
Magpie nest on nearby window sill
Must protect from stealthy hunter eyes

Cat retreats in anger, tail held high
Shaking mouse sinks panting on the ground,
Watching children give a happy sigh
Glad the watching magpie was around

“© Ian Grice Copyright 2011 All rights reserved”

6 thoughts on “The Hunter

  1. hi
    you have captured the feelings of a hunter very well. if i ‘d had a child who knew english i would have read this one aloud to him/her aloud. it s so musical and suspensing. thx a lot for sharing.


  2. I remember I also have a poem of the same title. But my purpose really is to congratulate you for finally creating another website. I am encountering problems with Multiply now. I can not open my site, see the comments on my blogs, send messages to my contacts. I am happy for you and wish it has less hassles here than in Multiply.


    1. Yes Cecilia, WordPress may not have all the fancy stuff but it works and I like the clearness of print. Eventually I may exit Multiply altogether but like my friends there so will continue to post videos and notes there for the time being. All my blogs will appear in WordPress though now. All the best.


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