Cultural Adaption

Ahmed gazed with astonishment at the children of the family next door playing in their front yard. He was aware the name of the game in English was basketball. Since his family had moved into the neighbourhood from the detention centre where refugees had been processed over countless months he’d lost track of time, and troubles in his homeland were beginning to fade from his … Continue reading Cultural Adaption

Passing the Test Where were you when the child next door Was hurt in domestic fight? Or teenage gang on the street you saw, Set the homeless man alight? And where were you when drunken thugs, King hit an innocent man? Or the desperate youth in need of drugs Stole the lady’s purse and ran. At the office party how did you act When the … Continue reading


After the excitement of our Amsterdam visit 1995, Utrecht with its centres of learning was a marked change of pace.  The convention in Utrecht now being over we linked up with other touring family members and set off in two cars for our next destination which happened to be Idar-Oberstein. Home to about 50,000 inhabitants, Idar-Oberstein is in a scenic little valley in the Hunsrück … Continue reading Idar-Oberstein


                                                         June 1995 we were hastily tidying up our contract assignments to hand over to others in Singapore after completion of our term.  We’d completed ten years there, and this was our second and final contract in that city state.  We were soon to move on to the Philippines and back to Educational work. I had one final responsibility, and that was to attend an … Continue reading Amsterdam

Family Roots – Chapter 4

Intelligence Assignment Eventually the debate came to an end and the one who chaired the meeting indicated Cho should translate. Jin Ae glanced at her brother who smiled reassuringly but said nothing. The translated message was clear. North Korea had somehow penetrated their surveillance system and army IT had noted the penetration but had not been able to find the source or assess what damage … Continue reading Family Roots – Chapter 4