Mail Order Bride – Chapter 4

Rescued Nancy withdrew her finger from the stop call button on her cell phone deciding to leave it on so her parents could listen if they were still connected. She

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 3

The Discovery As matters of family abuse are a community concern, authorities need to be consulted and it must be done carefully to see not only does the abuse stop

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Great Expectations Virgilio sat in the corner facing the wall with hands over his ears vainly trying not to hear the cries of his mother as Sven beat her. It

The Frogs

  Allan sat looking out the window of the little rural school house. It was a one teacher school so there was time to take in what was happening over


    Norman paused to read the engraved desk sign and held it up so he could study flashing gold lettering as he turned it to pick up light reflections.