New Neighbours – Chapter 5

Crisis Resolved The family shared their breakfast in silence. Usually mealtime was a joyous occasion with laughter and excitement for a new day activity ahead. Bashir noticed Kaci shrank away

New Neighbours – Chapter 3

Relationship Discovery After Lucas had finished his college work he decided to take a year off and learn from his father in the research wing of Bert’s company. His knowledge

New Neighbours – Chapter 2

Cultural Integration Realities While Bert and Bashir were attending to move in issues such as utility connections, banking and city regulations Tess and Baraa investigated schooling for the three Khoury

Rescued from Ruin – Chapter 3

Discovering the Truth Usually Claire checked on Richard on weekends but she’d been mulling over Cliff’s questions all night and decided she needed to finalize in her mind why she

Rescued from Ruin – Chapter 2

Rehabilitation Media attention began to unsettle senior partners and Richard became aware he was becoming more of a liability than an asset to them. It was hinted increasingly that maybe

Rescued From Ruin – Chapter 1

Ethics Compromised Richard Stephen Johansson shifted uncomfortably on the pavement. His tired eyes flicked between the shopping trolley that had become his mobile storage and an assortment of deadbeats eyeing