Narrow Escape

Butterfly on flower settles prim Cecil gasps in quick surprise, Coloured wings attractive firm and trim Reaches out, and insect flies. Into air with sky effective shield Fluttering in a gentle breeze. Will it head for outside yonder field? Jumps up in attempt to seize. Settles quickly on an old deck chair Barrier fence its safe retreat, Swimming pool its safety chosen lair Feeling safe … Continue reading Narrow Escape

Thanksgiving Fire Engine Experience

“I did it, I did it!” Little Johnnie pulled on his mother’s skirt to get her attention and she sighed in resignation. “Yes, I know dear, you’ve been telling me that all afternoon!” Susan Wright was struggling with the cake mixer blades jammed at a most inopportune time. The pie mix was only half done and there were  items in the oven needing her to … Continue reading Thanksgiving Fire Engine Experience

Enemy Vanquished

It was Sunday! John groaned as he rolled over in bed trying vainly to avoid early morning sun rays creeping into his room through an open window by the bed. But soon the room was a blaze of the sun’s dominating rays and he sat up grumbling. He’d been up until the wee hours of the morning with friends and was now paying a penalty. … Continue reading Enemy Vanquished

Lachlan’s Lesson

Lachlan remembered clapping hands when his Dad made an announcement they’d be heading for the coast to join cousins on their traditional Christmas family get together. He remembered the excitement of that announcement. Ever since he could remember it was a custom for family to enjoy Easter on the coast, but to share this holiday home with Aunt Beth and Uncle Liam at Christmas. Their … Continue reading Lachlan’s Lesson

Mandy’s Christmas Present

  Mandy walked barefoot down the cinder track leading to Aunt Muriel’s farm cottage. The sharpness of that path hurt her feet, but she determined to be just like the other kids who removed their shoes as soon as they left school running as fast as they could to homes scattered around this rural village. Mandy hated the country. She was city bred and used … Continue reading Mandy’s Christmas Present

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Andy Andy sat looking out the upper floor bedroom window at Holland Park. He attended an international school in Singapore. Both parents worked, his Mom as a teacher at the international school and his Dad for a multinational banking corporation. They’d been in Singapore almost ten years and to Andy Singapore was the norm. He did retain vivid memories of childhood and early school in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1


“Mom, there’s a cat outside trying to get into the house and acting funny!” Betty Ann looked down at her wildly gesticulating children and smiled. They had this tremendous capacity to exaggerate things so their concern didn’t generate the usual fight or flight mechanism women feel when their children appear breathless and stressed. She quietened them down with fingers to lips and spoke softly. “Let’s … Continue reading Catstronaut

A Home for Tilly

Robyn looked out the window of their bedroom to check on her two children playing in the front yard. It was a school holiday. She sighed as she remembered her childhood. No need for fences or locked gates in that era. She didn’t like those kind of restrictions. No need for them in her day when children could roam at will without fear of abduction … Continue reading A Home for Tilly


Little Johnny sat on his tricycle deep in thought. Mother had promised him a big surprise today and no amount of coaxing could convince her to reveal the secret. He’d wandered the corridor between his play veranda and kitchen more times than he could remember trying to coax the secret out of Mom.  And it had been one too many interruptions. As Mom put the … Continue reading Patsy

Sausage Dog Goes to Hawaii

This is another in my children’s series written for my Grand Daughter Winter.  Remember that the series is based on the imagined experiences of her toy dogs. Sausage of course is a Sausage Dog.  Lisa is a white French Poodle and Spots is what we call a “Bitsa” or a bit of this and a bit of that in breed. I hope your kids enjoy … Continue reading Sausage Dog Goes to Hawaii