Some views of the beautiful Sunshine Coast where I live by kind favor of Mike Middleton the owner of this video on YouTube


9 thoughts on “Location

  1. What a gorgeous place to live, Ian, and this video was beautifully put together with the music! You are very lucky. Someday I hope to visit Australia; it remains on my bucket list. 🙂


    1. There’s a lot to see here. We mostly get tourists from Asia now. There was a Japanese bubble for a while but now the majority are mainland Chinese. They are VERY affluent. We are in the approximate time zone for them and they love the cheap golfing.

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    1. I’ve been through Canberra a few times. It’s impressive in some ways. you feel they have tried to mix country living with city and seat of government living. It seems so odd to have a capital in such an isolated place but people obviously like living there. There are extremely beautiful places in each country I’ve visited around the world so know we don’t have a manopoly on beauty, but this is the place where I grew up and like the salmon which travels the oceans of the earth, it comes back home to spawn and die. I’m not quite ready to die yet though I am retired and this is my soul place.


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