Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 4

Bert’s Final Family Integration Murni handed the phone to Bert who suddenly felt apprehensive as he didn’t know the correct protocol in these things Indonesia style. “I’m sorry to disturb you sir. I didn’t realize it would be the middle of the night when Murni handed me the phone. Sir I have a request. I love your daughter and would like to marry her if … Continue reading Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 4

Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 3

Marriage Proposal At eight in the evening an excited daughter burst into Abyasa’s office where he was finalizing work for the day and produced the letters. “Look what I got from Bert father.” She began to reread to her father commencing with the first dated letter and Abyasa held up his hand. “Those are your private correspondence daughter, and you should not be sharing.” But … Continue reading Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 3

Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 2

Reluctant Return The Chaniago company guest house was a sprawling complex built in colonial style with wide verandas and high roof to let the air circulate with fans slowly whirling in each room to keep air circulating. It was decorated in Javanese style and had everything to make the stay comfortable with servants at the beck and call of guests. Bert luxuriated in the warm … Continue reading Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 2

Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 1

Chance meeting in Jakarta Bert Baas sat at the Jakarta airport studying a booklet he’d purchased before leaving the UK. He’d purchased this out of curiosity to see if he could recall any of the Indonesian language, he’d heard frequently used in his grandfather’s home for this book was an English to Bahasa Indonesia dictionary. Grandfather had lived in Surabaya East Java in Indonesia during … Continue reading Ethnic Reconnection -Chapter 1


Thao paused to check out sales specials in the bargain basement of the department store. The Christmas rush was well behind, and departments were desperately trying to offload stock left over from the Christmas season so they could free up cash flow for their orders of coming season clothing. Thao loved bargains and always waited for change of seasons sales so she could stock up … Continue reading Thao

Caroline’s Thailand Surprise

Caroline glanced out the window as the plane began its descent. The bell had sounded then announcement made a few minutes earlier and those caught late talking in the aisles were still scampering for their seats to buckle up. She had been engrossed in the unique sea and landscape as they’d flown from Singapore. She’d signed up for a two-year contract with an English Language … Continue reading Caroline’s Thailand Surprise

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 10

Family Reunion Stanley didn’t sleep well that night as he was careful not to touch his sister in law. He turned it all over in his mind and looked forward to his return to Singapore with a mixture of happiness and apprehension. He now had knowledge how disappointed the family was with him, but he’d take up his load with enthusiasm and win their respect … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 10

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 9

  Fei Hong’s resurrection Stanley had been hiking daily since his arrival on the coast but hadn’t complemented this with balanced meals and adequate rest at the cheap motel. He was feeling weak as he struggled with who to see to help his mind heal. He turned to cross over the road to one of the restaurants he occasionally ate at and gasped in surprise. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 9

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 8

Married Life Stanley interrupted his memories as he refocused on a panorama of the South Pacific Ocean once again.  This always thrilled him as he looked toward Moreton Island in the distance where a thunderstorm was brewing, he’d relived these memories over and over since Jade died. Having thrown himself into work at the office afterward with a vengeance it had taken the mind off … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 8

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 7

 Grafted into the Family Jade’s father consulted with Wong Hui and then beckoned to Stanley. “My brother has rescheduled his program and will take your appointments for today.” Wong Hui and the spiritual advisor left the room. Jade’s father continued. “You will accompany me now as we have much to talk about. Wong Hui determined soon after your transfer to Singapore you have great talent … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 7