The Friend

Anxious thoughts flood the mind When present circumstances change Constant seeking how to find New solutions to arrange. When thinking danger is at hand Seeking other ways to deal Thoughts will beckon like the wind Most seemingly unreal. Times like these we need a friend To help us see the way ahead Urge us to a better end And save us from ill-fated dread. Friends … Continue reading The Friend

Narrow Escape

Butterfly on flower settles prim Cecil gasps in quick surprise, Coloured wings attractive firm and trim Reaches out, and insect flies. Into air with sky effective shield Fluttering in a gentle breeze. Will it head for outside yonder field? Jumps up in attempt to seize. Settles quickly on an old deck chair Barrier fence its safe retreat, Swimming pool its safety chosen lair Feeling safe … Continue reading Narrow Escape

Wildlife Rescue

Into the town in fear they arrived Desperate for something to drink. These were the few that had somehow survived, All barely able to think.   Tried their luck where sheep slated their thirst And ranchers had shot those who dared, Water so scarce that their sheep would come first Thus, leaving the wildlife uncared.   Drought had been present for three years now Artesian … Continue reading Wildlife Rescue

Masked Pleasure

We felt her presence as she stepped inside Jasmine called attention as she came. Silken garment rustled at her side Catching light in brilliant flame.   Every eye transfixed attention gave For her beauty caused such strong desire, Who’d be first to issue welcome brave? Wistful hearts joined cupid’s choir.   Each in turn resolved their luck to try Competition eked the brave ones on, … Continue reading Masked Pleasure

Lifestyle Choice

Waving bush and swaying tree Sends regards for all to see, Flying mynors in the sky Examine all as they fly by. Blue tongue lizard in the yard Pokes its tongue with no regard, Seabirds flying overhead Fly to coast for daily bread. Clouds in ever changing mode Look for place to shed their load, Sun shines eagerly on earth Coaxes flowers daily birth. Kangaroo … Continue reading Lifestyle Choice

Wendy’s Wish

Wendy at the window sill Anxious looking down the road, Was he working next door still? Ferrying another load? Saw him working yesterday Muscles rippling body straight Glancing at the heavens grey, Had to finish, couldn’t wait She had to go where he could see Her weeding at the entrance way Heart now pounding, could it be He’d ask her out? Oh, happy day! Richie … Continue reading Wendy’s Wish