Getting Priorities Right – Ch. 5

Chapter 5 Two weeks had gone by since Tom had taken time from work to spend a day at the beach with Sue. His promise to spend more time with Sue had been good intentioned, but placed on hold as he struggled with the current project he’d successfully persuaded the board to invest in. Sue had accepted this return to status quo with good grace. … Continue reading Getting Priorities Right – Ch. 5

Getting Priorities Right – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Sue woke with a start and glanced at the clock. It was 5.33 am, the usual time to start her daily activity. Mentally her routines clicked into place. Put the kettle on to boil, take a shower, complete her girly repair job for the day, prepare the usual breakfast snack, following which they’d head for their cars to make a separate dash to … Continue reading Getting Priorities Right – Chapter 4

Getting Priorities Right – Ch. 3

Chapter 3. Next day Sue shared with her Mother, Elizabeth some of the discussions she and Tom had the previous night. “I’m glad you shared this with me Sue. I’ve been worried about you and Tom for a long time. Your programs keep you both apart too much, and it’s inevitable you’ll drift apart, unless you both plan activities so you’ve more time for each … Continue reading Getting Priorities Right – Ch. 3

Getting Priorities Right – Ch. 2

Chapter 2 Tom and Sue sat waiting for their food and looking out over Sydney harbour. They sat silently for some time thinking of the fun they’d enjoyed each evening sitting by the harbour during their courtship days. They could hardly wait to end work so they could be together during those courting days. Now more than three years later they were back here again … Continue reading Getting Priorities Right – Ch. 2

Getting Priorities Right

Chapter 1 “I don’t seem to have enough time for anything these days!” Sue glanced at Tom as she spread jam thinly on her warm toast. It was the usual boring breakfast. Tom studied the finance pages with a frown on his face, occasionally swallowing a spoonful of cereal and grunting with displeasure. The markets were down again! If Tom had heard his wife, he’d … Continue reading Getting Priorities Right

Springtime – Poem

Brilliant sunshine hint of rain Tells me that it’s spring again, Opening flowers, budding tree Children’s voices raised in glee Hunting feline, warbling bird, Everywhere there’s singing heard, Early joggers streaming by Breeze producing lazy sigh Wake from sleeping, look outside Flocks of birds through heaven glide, Night shift workers heading home Bees among the flowers roam Deeply breathing morning air Taking seat in garden … Continue reading Springtime – Poem

Abe’s Amazing Holiday

This was my first creative writing assignment written specifically for early teens. Abe looked anxiously for his Aunt Sue as the bus lurched to a stop. He’d boarded the plane in Sydney loaded with presents for his Aunt’s family, and carried with him Mum’s written instructions on how to get to his holiday destination. Mum had cried as she waved him through the departure gate. … Continue reading Abe’s Amazing Holiday

Climbing the Mountain – Poem

From the crest of a mountain beneath me A beautiful vista I see, Whichever direction I’m looking Whether rainforest, farmland or sea. There’s a feeling of anticipation, There’s a gladness that nourishes soul, And that feeling defies explanation But you sense that you’re a part of a whole. Down there in a vale less appealing There are people who never climb up, So they never … Continue reading Climbing the Mountain – Poem