Santa’s Visit







The night was cold the fire warm and snow fell thick and fast,

The log house stood there firmly as it strained against the blast

From distant pole where Santa Claus had frozen winter home;

That frozen waste where polar bears and seals are known to roam.


“I wonder if he’ll come tonight?” said one with anxious frown

For no one rides a storm like this, I’ll bet he’ll hunker down

Inside his nice warm North Pole home with air-conditioning on

And by the time this storm subsides the blessed year is gone!


“Oh don’t say that another said!” a tear formed in her eye

“If I don’t get my Cadillac I do declare I’ll cry!”

She reached out for another cake and studied skies of gray,

But Mother whisked them out of sight to put the food away.


“The cakes are here for Santa’s snack and don’t you touch the drink,”

Another grabbed one anyway before they all could think

And swallowed it with one big gulp, a challenge on their face,

The littlest laughed with all her might and tried to join the race


To eat up all of Santa’s food while there was some to get,

But Mother thumped her with a spoon and worked up quite a sweat.

“I think I heard him,” someone said with hope upon their face.

“You’ve eaten all of Santa’s food and that’s a real disgrace.”


So then they turned out all the lights and watched the fire place

In hopes that Santa would arrive and down the chimney race.

Teeny girl hoped Brad Pitt came gift wrapped for her to see,

She smiled a little secret smile and clapped her hands with glee.


They heard the sleigh bells tinkle soft as Santa grabbed his sack

He slid down faster than he’d planned and landed on his back

The presents scattered everywhere, they all retrieved with glee,

And Santa laughed his hearty laugh with Mother on his knee.


The Cadillac was there of course but it was just a toy

And Brad was there all wrapped up tight for Teeny to enjoy.

The eldest one let out a cry of happiness supreme

She’d really wanted what she got it was her lifetime dream.


Mother got her new golf clubs and practiced then and there

They then saw to their great surprise a gremlin on her chair

He gathered all the presents up, pushed Santa Claus outside

And dashing out to Santa’s sled took Rudolph home beside.


“© Poem Copyright Ian Grice 2013 All rights reserved

      Image Copyright


17 thoughts on “Santa’s Visit

  1. Well done Ian – I could feel the anxiety of the children and for a moment, just a teeny moment, recalled my childhood during a faraway Christmas eve.

    This one gave me a smile – “…Santa laughed his hearty laugh with Mother on his knee.”

    That last line took me off guard too.

    All in all, a great post 🙂

    Merry Christmas,


  2. I agree with borika45 the verses flow well. The rhythm gives the poem the right quality for a Santa’s arrival poem – very nice. Congratulations! Cheerio, Jane.


  3. the ending was a surprise. The verses flowed so smoothly and I felt as if I was watching the whole scenario. Thans for adding to my xmas cheer. Merry Christmas Ian.


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