Foolish Pride.


Out on my board on a stormy day

On the waves of a towering height,

Better use care so the locals say

And keep the guards in sight.


Rips and tides trapped many men

With luck some made escape

So, locals warn again and again

With a point to a distant cape.


Where smashed surf boards, a scary sight

Could be found on a day like today.

For the ocean always wins the fight

So, it’s best to stay away.


But I was an expert, they were told

So, all should have no fears.

And I faced the ocean standing bold

While my girl implored with tears.


Paddling out I looked back proud

As the ocean beckoned come,

And I shouted out a challenge loud

While the surf beat an urgent drum.


I rode the wave, went out again

and repeated the ride once more,

And frowned at the urgent wave of Ben

My brother on yonder shore.


Turning around I gasped surprise

At the change in the angry sea,

For the coming wave was twice the size

And it had it sights on me


And it swept me out, and it sucked me in

As I held to my board in fright.

With a quick hand wave in the ocean din

And the hope of a guard in sight.


But the raging surf, a dangerous place

As the guards looked on alarmed,

No rational guard should have to face

Such forces and be harmed.


The raging sea now forward me swept

To a path toward yonder cape

Where the waiting rocks their vigil kept,

And I saw ‘twas no escape.


Then from the shore through battering wave

And the tempest blasts came they,

For the guards take risks poor souls to save

As endangered surfers pray.


They fought the tempest, wave and tide

As they rowed their way to land,

And dragged me to my family’s side

While my girlfriend held my hand.


The following day I saw on the cape

The result of my foolish pride,

I thought of my sobering close escape

On the day I almost died.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2017 All rights reserved

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17 thoughts on “Foolish Pride.

  1. Hoe many people have died by not needing warnings? This has a happy ending/

    On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 4:58 PM, ianscyberspace wrote:

    > ianscyberspace posted: ” Out on my board on a stormy day On the waves of a > towering height, Better use care so the locals say And keep the guards in > sight. Rips and tides trapped many men With luck some made escape So, > locals warn again and again With a point to ” >

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    1. Thanks for visiting. We live very near prime surfing beaches and there’s always the occasional person who feels they can make their own rules and find themselves in trouble. We also have a series of old volcanic core peaks on the coast similar to Rio. There are signs warning people not to climb on certain sides of the peaks but people do it and it’s difficult to rescue them by helicopter if they’re hurt. Foolishness like this endangers the rescue personnel.


  2. Great poem Ian, your words rolling as the ocean does. We have just come back from a holiday in Lisbon where we sat watching the surfers braving the Atlantic. Georgie was also out in the Lakes with his family last Sunday on an adventure day. The beaches in Lisbon were staffed with life guards and in the Lakes the rescue team were heading out to try and find a climber who had not returned. These selfless souls risk their lives to help others every day, which begs the question when does a thrill cross the line? Hugs Xx

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    1. Absolutely right. There should be penalties placed on those who endanger our lifeguards through reckless behaviour. In violent sea conditions or when there are notices to say don’t climb here it endangers the lives of our life guards when we don’t take notice.

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  3. I love how you wrote this, Ian, with such an important message, too, but with also a happy ending. I couldn’t agree with you more after reading your reply to Eric. It’s frustrating when people let their thrill-seeking choices put others in danger. I also love how you compared the tranquility of the ocean to its swallowing-up ability. Great poem!

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    1. I suppose we all do foolish things as we grow to maturity. I certainly did my fill of foolish things. It’s a learning experience, but it also affects others and we need to remember that. Hard to do when you’re a teenager! lol

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  4. I picked up and made my way through Barbarian Days by William Finnegan two yrs ago, a Pulitzer, not only to grab at the language, the interesting prose, but to throw myself into a world I knew nothing about. Just fascinating, these wave chasers. The ocean is an animal.

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    1. If one knows the rules of nature they need to take them seriously and not choose to place themselves in harms way. :). The same ocean that can put you to sleep with its tranquillity can swallow up next day.


    1. I guess that was inspired by the foolishness of not only surfers in dangerous surf, but climbers who climb in places strictly prohibited because of past fatalities Eric. They endanger the lives of those who volunteer as lifeguards and helicopter pilots.

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