Poverty to Prosperity Chapter 1

Rescued from the Ghetto It had been weeks since the doctor informed Anelia she only had a few months to live and as she rested in bed at home the memories came flooding back as she reviewed her life. She remembered her son Istvan scurrying off to school through the streets of the ghetto and couldn’t believe they’d made this amazing transition.  It was so … Continue reading Poverty to Prosperity Chapter 1


Colin Bridges and his wife Nancy sat on their horses surveying rich grasslands that not long ago had been dry desert. Once or twice in a generation weather pattern collided to produce that perfect storm series filling dry creek beds and rivers and providing hundreds of miles of flooding in this interior heartland of Australia. Most of central Australia being under sea level and normally … Continue reading Restitution

Sidney’s Coming of Age – Chapter 2

Facing the Challenge It was six months later, and student giants took note of these changes too. Sidney was still the city slicker softie to them but his change in body and confidence had them pondering their next move. The spokesperson approached him. “Bill wants to wrestle you at lunchtime, but I told him city kids are softies so he shouldn’t approach you or your … Continue reading Sidney’s Coming of Age – Chapter 2

Sidney’s Coming of Age – Chapter 1

Uncle Jack Sidney limped the five-kilometer road home from his rural school at Sandy Creek. It had been a hard adjustment coming from the city where everything was predictable and the way home from school in the evenings was on sealed roads and pavements with plenty of time for play before his mom called him in to complete his homework. Roads in this area were … Continue reading Sidney’s Coming of Age – Chapter 1