Richie’s New Year Surprise

Richard Banks hobbled down the footpath for a daily inspection of his mail box. It was a ritual he’d performed since retiring from his work as a mechanic. He was noted around the district as one who could fix anything mechanical farmers possessed and some of their equipment had long since run out of service options as those products had ceased production for one reason … Continue reading Richie’s New Year Surprise

The Day the Bull Ran

Jean Stradshaw sat on the top railing of the cattle tick spray enclosure watching her father chase the young bull down a slope toward the dam. He had an axe in his upraised arm and he meant business. She’s heard him threaten to have those horns removed but knew he’d eventually cool his anger, and have it done mercifully by the district vet. The bull … Continue reading The Day the Bull Ran

Lifestyle Choice

Waving bush and swaying tree Sends regards for all to see, Flying mynors in the sky Examine all as they fly by. Blue tongue lizard in the yard Pokes its tongue with no regard, Seabirds flying overhead Fly to coast for daily bread. Clouds in ever changing mode Look for place to shed their load, Sun shines eagerly on earth Coaxes flowers daily birth. Kangaroo … Continue reading Lifestyle Choice

Duane’s Folly – Chapter 1

The Storm Duane looked through the window anxiously. Trees were still bending under force of cyclonic gusts while pieces of corrugated roofing were peeling off occasionally joining sundry other flying objects on their path of destruction. His eyes opened wide in surprise as they followed the direction of a crashing sound and he saw one object imbed itself deep into the spreading fig tree now … Continue reading Duane’s Folly – Chapter 1

Outback Adventure – Chapter 3

Big Decision Trevor was up at 4.30 am to make sure he’d not be embarrassed again when Sheila arrived. This time he took  his day clothes into the small bathroom and was relieved to find a series of nails had been hammered into the back of the door which he assumed were for hanging clothes. He shaved, showered and dressed emerging at 5.30 am to … Continue reading Outback Adventure – Chapter 3

Outback Adventure – Chapter 2

Reality Strikes The swinging doors suddenly opened and a black face appeared. “’Ese Ere!! There was a loud chorus from inside. “Welcome teacher Trevo?” A deeply tanned tall wiry man with red face appeared at the door with outstretched hand. “I’m the local police officer Paddy Morgan, call me Paddy. This is my assistant Jacko!” He pointed to the black man in front of him. … Continue reading Outback Adventure – Chapter 2