Mick and Mary to the Rescue Chapter 1

The Laffy Boys Hit Town Mick Murphy sighed as he glanced at the two early teens cowering in the corner. The two looked back at him with defiant looks but Mick knew from experience they were putting on an act and were fearful of what was ahead of them. A couple of farm kids that had fled from parental abuse and taken up residence down … Continue reading Mick and Mary to the Rescue Chapter 1

A Rural Saga – Chapter 3

Family Merger “Please call me Sam, son. What do you think will bring harmony to your family?” “I think my brother did the right thing to leave and I need to make peace with him. He deserves to chart his own life now he’s of age and I’ll make it right with him. Perhaps my other brothers should be given the same privilege, but I … Continue reading A Rural Saga – Chapter 3

A Country Saga – Chapter 2

Going Separate Ways Cindy patted her son on the arm. “Beth the boys are protective of their sister. I’ve explained the realities to them and told them it is either my sister or your kind offer as the best way to solve our family situation. I told them if they could persuade you and Sam then that would be the best option as we’d get … Continue reading A Country Saga – Chapter 2

From Poverty to Prosperity Chapter 2

Business Empire Succession Planning The Goldings had no children of their own and Martha was not impressed with the caliber of relatives who’d normally inherit extended family businesses when they’d passed on because there were no children of their own. So, they’d been looking for alternatives that would ensure their business empire would continue after their death in the hands of competent people. They were … Continue reading From Poverty to Prosperity Chapter 2