Forgiveness Rewards Chapter 3

Rachel Discovers Heaven on Earth Neither of the parents knew their daughter had been listening having emerged from her room and come downstairs using crutches to get a soda from the refrigerator. It was hard manipulating those stairs with crutches so she had to be very careful not to fall as that would be catastrophic for her leg. She’d been urged to take one of … Continue reading Forgiveness Rewards Chapter 3

Forgiveness Rewards Chapter 2

Carole Abbot to the Rescue Next day was a holiday too and Bernard accompanied his sister Glennis to her usual vantage position in the shade where she could watch all the events taking place on the beach. He knew it must be hard for his sister watching from a distance as all the activities she loved to participate in took place without her. For a … Continue reading Forgiveness Rewards Chapter 2

Forgiveness Rewards Chapter 1

Rachel the Beach Thief Glennis Abbot watched from a vantage point above the beach on a brilliant sunshine weekend day. It was a familiar sight she loved, the ocean blue and beautiful with gentle waves caressed the shore.   She had just finished an assignment chosen for her college history project looking into the foundation of this city and its suburbs. Pioneers had named the … Continue reading Forgiveness Rewards Chapter 1

Mick and Mary to the Rescue Chapter 2

The Final Chance As Mary made her way-out of the police station chief Stan approached. “Well done, Mary, did you feed the boys a tranquilizer? They quietened down when you went in to talk with them.” Mary sighed. “It’s a tragic case chief. I’ve known them since they were babies and they’ve always been respectful to our family. I think they can be rehabilitated with … Continue reading Mick and Mary to the Rescue Chapter 2