Out Riding



Off with a flash I spurred the horse

to test the animal’s strength,

On sandy track near a water course

as I rode to explore its length.


The wind on my face refreshed that day

The horse felt me urging on

Through a briar patch, and it’s sad to say

I emerged with arm flesh torn.


Bridle drawn to the onward rush

The horse smelled brumbies near,

Memory recalled a valley lush

To the brumbies always dear.


Kangaroo front gave a mighty leap

As the horse sped eagerly by,

Emus sped from their nesting heap

And crows gave a startled cry!


The shivering horse came ‘round the bend,

Old pastures now in view;

And startled brumbies hoofs did send

Their sparks as they caution threw.


Their team too often duped by man,

Took off with their head held high,

To the safety of yonder hill they ran

As they galloped quickly by.


My present mount slowed furious pace

As it viewed the brumbies base.

It thought of the dangerous life they face

As it slowed its headlong race


To be fed choice treats with its favourite food

On return from a sandy track

And the brush of its coat was a memory good,

Then a warm shawl on its back.


I regained control of the speeding steed

And it turned to its home with glee,

And kicked at approach of a tumble weed

It’s stable the place to be.


“© Copyright Ian Grice 2017 All rights reserved

The above photo is copyrighted to becuo.com









17 thoughts on “Out Riding

      1. I used to ride a lot in Africa and horses are special. Ian, I also forgot to say how striking your new blog layout is. I love it. Hugs for you. Xx

        Liked by 1 person

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