The Singapore Connection – Chapter 9

  Fei Hong’s resurrection Stanley had been hiking daily since his arrival on the coast but hadn’t complemented this with balanced meals and adequate rest at the cheap motel. He was feeling weak as he struggled with who to see to help his mind heal. He turned to cross over the road to one of the restaurants he occasionally ate at and gasped in surprise. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 9

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Great Expectations Virgilio sat in the corner facing the wall with hands over his ears vainly trying not to hear the cries of his mother as Sven beat her. It was becoming a habit now and Virgilio was terrified. He was too frightened to make any noise as Sven could turn attention to him. He’d tried to defend his mother one time before even though … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Wallum Discovery – Chapter 1

Footsteps It was in that little sandy cove far removed from the usual hustle and bustle of tourist traps an hour drive from there he met her. On a whim, he’d decided to take his four-wheel drive along a sand track that seemed to go on and on. There were signs others had tried it before but had soon tired of the seemingly endless track … Continue reading Wallum Discovery – Chapter 1


Fleur sighed a contented sigh as she waited for the plane to come to a stop by the terminal at La Tontouta International Airport. She’d been too long away, but was back home at last. Glancing out the window at that familiar sight she smiled. Long ago she’d have been the one to stand facing an impatient crowd as the bell sounded signalling passengers they … Continue reading Fleur

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 4

Conspirancy “Mom, what’s the name of the other English woman you work with at school?” Andy asked as they travelled home from school on their first day after vacation. “Andy, you know who that is, it’s Elizabeth Ho. Why are you asking?” Rebecca looked at Andy in surprise. He knew very well who it was, why was he asking? Andy pretended to be interested in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 4

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 3

Susan Ho The young woman resumed her impassive manner. “I’m sorry, I suppose you wondered why I laughed? You see I’m Eurasian and it was quite ironical for you to suggest I may have prejudice against you, I’d have expected the reverse. My father is Singaporean and mother English. They met at Oxford when he was studying overseas. My father is a teacher at National … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 3

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 2

Sentosa Andy alighted from the cable car and began his familiar progress toward Siloso Beach. Looming in front of him was the back of the gigantic Merlion, symbol of Singapore. It occurred to him he’d never taken a photo of that imposing structure before and wondered where the best vantage point would be to get full effect. He was in regular contact with cousins in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 2

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Andy Andy sat looking out the upper floor bedroom window at Holland Park. He attended an international school in Singapore. Both parents worked, his Mom as a teacher at the international school and his Dad for a multinational banking corporation. They’d been in Singapore almost ten years and to Andy Singapore was the norm. He did retain vivid memories of childhood and early school in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Wu Mei – Chapter 10

Vindication Comrade Fong entered his office in Beijing and took his place at the table. The corruption clean-up was going well throughout the country. Some of the leaders in provinces had been misusing their influence and needed to be re-educated. Money arising from exploitation was forfeited to the state. It was their job to serve the people, not exploit them. It was the corrupting influence … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 10

Wu Mei – Chapter 9

Temporary Reprieve When Wu Mei arrived at the office next morning she found Grant sitting in her office waiting. “May, we could have a solution for you. My wife has a job in government which puts her in contact with a lot of important people. She’s not in a position to share what her work is exactly and there is an unwritten agreement between us … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 9