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Border crossing now in sight
Soldiers standing at the gate
Blocking their continued flight
Eyes are narrowed full of hate.

Back there in a village grave
Lies a family buried there,
They resisted with the brave,
They were killed without a care.

Children now are on the run
There’s a price upon their head,
Now they’re orphans, no more fun,
Hunger pangs are there instead.

Back into the forest dank
Slink the children tired and wet,
Hear the rumble of a tank
Seeking escapees to get.

Now on secret mountain track
Dash the children out of breath
Knowing that they can’t turn back
Doing so would be their death.

Over border, two miles forward,
Freedom beckons with a nod
Will they taste this sweet reward?
Will they feel the soldier’s rod?

In the valley far below
Safely on the other side
They can see the lantern glow
Where some relatives reside.

Down the cliff a pathway steep,
Searchlights probe it regularly
Stealthily downhill they creep
Hoping that no one will see.

Soldiers shouting from the top,
Children reach the valley ground
Bullets flying; shouts to stop!
Border stream familiar sound.
Plunging in they start to cross
Fear the motivating urge
Welcoming the far shore moss,
Pressing on their fear to purge.

Now they knock on farm house door
Shivering from waters cold
Then collapsing on the floor
Mother’s sister’s arms enfold.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012, all rights reserved”

14 thoughts on “Refugee

  1. i wish i was blessed with the power to take them away and make everthing ok :,( its wired when you think you have it bad and find your self hating life i have lived a lie of a life but i thank god every time he opens my eyes ….. i wish i could hold them hand in hand and lead way i know in my head to somewhere happy.. babys i would do anything to be there with you so you would not feel that feeling i would give all my time just so that nasty feeling of not understanding why things happen to good people .. but know this you are angles and bad things have to happen for good things to come you are the good dont ever lose your self because of what the heartless do baby dolls kiss’s and hug’s angle babys thanks


  2. It breaks my heart knowing that there are children today living the very moments and times you speak of in this well written poem sweet Ian. Glad this poem had a happy ending. Sorry you have not been getting notices for my posts…have no idea what is going on there. Hugs


    1. Yes there are so many pressure points in the world where this scene is being repeated. I don’t know why I’m not notified when you post. I’ll have to check your page more often


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