Blogging Blues

          The picture above is copyrighted to “Maxine” cartoon artist When I joined the blogging world Friendships all around unfurled My global blogging family Shared their lives for all to see I couldn’t wait to check my site I logged on mornings come what might Some bloggers serious, some were funny Broadband access worth the money But when my blog site … Continue reading Blogging Blues


Now its morning, sunshine clear Happy days now summer’s here, Morning fingers rays of light Make kaleidoscope delight Sunshine paints the sky in blue Clouds rush in it seems on cue Breezes play their whisper game Seeking swaying trees to tame Sunshine warms a now cool earth Gently aiding plant rebirth Trees through winter looking stern Now renewed they shelter fern During day sun’s warming … Continue reading Summer

Surapee – Mini Novel set in Thailand

Chapter 1 Mike sat in his room deep in thought. He’d been working hard all day with a well drilling crew in a remote village ten kilometres from where he was billeted. This was his fifth month away from home. He’d taken a year off from his MA studies in response to a TV ad seeking volunteers to drill wells and provide clean water to … Continue reading Surapee – Mini Novel set in Thailand

Jimmy’s Pet Lesson

Jimmy chasing tabby cat Squealing with delight, Wobbly legs and baby fat Most delightful sight! Mother pausing from her toil Smiles with Mother’s pride, Listens to the kettle boil Watches from inside. Jimmy catches tabby then Squeezing with his might, Tabby jumps back down again Whimpering with fright. Jimmy grabs his pet again, Tabby gives a hiss, Then he feels a searing pain Something’s gone … Continue reading Jimmy’s Pet Lesson