Blogging Blues






The picture above is copyrighted to “Maxine” cartoon artist

When I joined the blogging world
Friendships all around unfurled
My global blogging family
Shared their lives for all to see

I couldn’t wait to check my site
I logged on mornings come what might
Some bloggers serious, some were funny
Broadband access worth the money

But when my blog site captured me
My tranquil life was not to be
The strangest things would soon be seen
The internet can get quite mean

A message crept into my box
It wouldn’t budge and still it locks
My page in spite of blog site pleas
I asked five times on bended knees

The site alerts my inbox cage
Says lots of comments on my page
But when I look the cupboard’s bare
There’s really nothing anywhere

Oft when I visit someone’s site
Says “page expired” and that’s not right
For I keep trying and, surprise!
The page pops up before my eyes

And tags are meant to take you to
The place selected, quite a few
But you end up from where you came
As blog site plays its little game

And comments that you want to leave
Will blank out and you can’t retrieve
Or someone comments on what’s read
You get that one ten times instead

We like our blogging that is why
Take note of our collective sigh
For you can fix it if you try!
Please listen to our urgent cry.

“© Poem Copyright to Ian Grice 2012” All rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

  1. I get double entries of friend’s posts in the reader and sometimes, that little wheel keeps turning and turning and turning while I wait for a comment to go through. Still, the friends I have made through blogging are awesome and I continue on. 🙂 Nice poem Ian!


  2. You did well sweet Ian with the blogging woes poem. So far I have had less problems here than other blogs I have tried. Hugs


  3. “And comments that you want to leave
    Will blank out and you can’t retrieve”-

    that happened to me last night and I was so frustrated. 😦

    I hope it doesn’t happen this time..

    I’m sure it doesn’t.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


  4. Gnomes at work I think – Glad I’m not the only one in this boat. But ‘glad’ does not make it right – I wonder what WP would do next – or maybe it is simply me.


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