Wu Mei – Chapter 4

Flirting with Danger Wu Mei noticed the note on her desk as she entered her office to commence work for the day. She didn’t recall putting it there as her desk was always tidied before she finished work late in the evenings. She glanced out of the window at Sydney Harbour eight stories below and smiled with satisfaction. It was good to be alive on … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 4

Wu Mei – Chapter 3

  Cultural Orientation Next day an official from the Embassy came to the house to talk with Wu Mei. He was acquainted with her father Wu and greeted her warmly. They were driven to a Chinese centre at Chatswood which was just north of the harbour where she was introduced to families of an Australian branch of the diaspora. They were not Communist members the … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 3

Wu Mei – Chapter 2

  Culture Shock Wu had met his daughter in Beijing to spend a day giving her instructions before she entered into a culture so different from her experience. He’d hoped to accompany her and get her settled but party business required him to stay in Beijing.  It was important she realize her venture was part of the family enterprise. She’d already spent hours with her … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 2

Wu Mei – Chapter 1

The Family Wu Mei bowed to each member of the extended family as she responded to the announcement. It was time to board her flight to Beijing from which departure point she was to undertake the long flight to Australia. The family had congregated from rural communities around the city to wish her good fortune in her quest for an advanced degree in that country. … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 1