Wu Mei – Chapter 9

Temporary Reprieve When Wu Mei arrived at the office next morning she found Grant sitting in her office waiting. “May, we could have a solution for you. My wife has a job in government which puts her in contact with a lot of important people. She’s not in a position to share what her work is exactly and there is an unwritten agreement between us … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 9

Wu Mei – Chapter 8

The Surprise Visit Wu Mei picked up her phone and noted on the screen it was Grant calling. She murmured her greetings. “May, would you come to my office please?” Wu Mei put a sticker against the print out she was editing and headed for Grant’s office. “May this man says he knows you and would like to speak to you privately, do you know … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 8

Wu Mei – Chapter 7

 The above image is copyrighted to mstecker.com Trouble at Home Wu took his place at the weekly meeting in the Party Room greeting each of the members sitting around the table in turn. He’d known them all since student days and they were regulars in each other’s homes. While orthodoxy was preached in the party room each had done well as they’d moved through the … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 7

Wu Mei – Chapter 6

  Into the Fire  Grant Adams rose from his chair as Wu Mei knocked and entered. “Good to have you back May, we have a huge backlog of work to catch up on so it’s good you finished with Singapore and are back with us. I had to fight to get you back from Singapore. They were impressed with your work and asked head office … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 6

Wu Mei – Chapter 5

In the Danger Zone Wu Mei found the new assignment challenging. They were breaking ground for the accounting firm with a new Asia based hospital system contact and it was a steep learning curve for the both of them. From time to time the consultancy would bring in experts in different fields of study from around the world to expose their new client to world … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 5