“Mom, there’s a cat outside trying to get into the house and acting funny!” Betty Ann looked down at her wildly gesticulating children and smiled. They had this tremendous capacity to exaggerate things so their concern didn’t generate the usual fight or flight mechanism women feel when their children appear breathless and stressed. She quietened them down with fingers to lips and spoke softly. “Let’s … Continue reading Catstronaut

An Eye for an Eye – Conclusion

Levelling the Score After work next day Frank paid a visit to his daughter’s home. Sal was wearing a coat covering her bruises as she opened the door. She ushered him into the lounge and sat down. “You shouldn’t have done that Dad! He is so angry over you hitting him and while he isn’t hitting me any more he’s up to something and I … Continue reading An Eye for an Eye – Conclusion

An Eye for an Eye

. Chapter 1 – A Secret Revealed Carolyn stopped counting and glanced up from her latest knitting project. She’d heard the front door chimes and hoped Frank had too. “Frank can you get that, I’m in the middle of something at the moment. There was silence. Usually Frank acknowledged it when she asked for help. He’s probably out in his workshop again she thought. Carolyn … Continue reading An Eye for an Eye


Steve sat on a rock looking out over his domain. This was the same rock he’d rested on when the real estate agent had finished walking him over the three hills gracing this property five years earlier. He smiled as he let his imagination take over. The property had been lush green. He’d hardly contained his excitement on that initial visit looking out over herds … Continue reading Steve