The Flood

It was one of those blustering cyclonic weather mornings. No one had slept much during the night as winds alternatively sucked at house moorings then dropped in a fit of rage finding the home securely riveted to the ground. Roofing strained to hang on tightly, watching anxiously as sheet iron from neighbouring house roofs whizzed through the air like gigantic ancient weapons of war. Branches … Continue reading The Flood

True Love

He lay on sand a sober man and thought of what might be, His precious love in yonder house in care of family The gathering dusk was settling in a melancholy mood That aching feeling deep inside revealed his lack of food. The family didn’t him approve, they’d whisked her from his sight But Eric had that yearning still he’d give it one last fight. … Continue reading True Love

My First Job

November 1953 I wrote my last High School tests, cleared my desk and headed home to await results published February 1954 by Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia. I can still remember rushing to the corner grocery store to purchase the Courier Mail newspaper and scan insert lists for results. I’d passed! My Father Eric who loved formality made an official presentation to me as soon as … Continue reading My First Job

Home Alone

There’s no greater feeling than having your parent say, “You don’t have to come shopping with us today.”  To a teenage boy there’s nothing more humiliating than going to a department store to join the family in line behind Mom lingering in the lingerie department while the rest of the brood watch Dad fidget and cast furtive glances around to see if friends are gleefully … Continue reading Home Alone