True Love

He lay on sand a sober man and thought of what might be,
His precious love in yonder house in care of family
The gathering dusk was settling in a melancholy mood
That aching feeling deep inside revealed his lack of food.

The family didn’t him approve, they’d whisked her from his sight
But Eric had that yearning still he’d give it one last fight.
He well remembered when they’d left for two weeks by the sea
And he was quite beside himself he wondered where they’d be.

His Father had walked out on him when he was but a lad
And life had not been kind at all the thought now made him sad.
The evening cool began to chill his melancholy frame,
A night out sleeping on the beach, he wondered why he came?

His love for her was very strong he wished that they would change
Their mind about his circumstance and marriage then arrange.
He knew his darling loved him too, she’d indicated so,
By leaving home and coming here his own true love he’d show.

And it had taken several hours to find out where she stayed,
He’d walked the town and looked around on every road he’d strayed
And when he’d found her he could tell on looking at her face
His long trip had been worth it all he still was in her grace.

A sudden impulse made him rise and leave the lonely beach
His darling’s place was just in sight his goal was now in reach.
The matter he would settle now and courage now was needed,
He threw all caution to the winds and only true love heeded.

He stood beside the wooden door and rang the call bell near
In cool night air his spirit thrilled to bell ring loud and clear,
But angry faces at the door demanded he should leave
Though Eric stood there motionless no longer would he grieve!

In quiet voice he told them as they stood there at the door
He wouldn’t leave that place until he’d done what he came for.
Occasionally a face was seen through curtains pulled apart
But Eric stood there at the door a man of stalwart heart.

Then late that night when darling came to meet her lover bold
She gently told him he should leave, for she’d already told
Her family that she’d marry him no matter what they said;
She smiled and kissed him, then she sent him to his sandy bed.

Now many years have come and gone from that exciting day.
The family who’d rejected him would someday pause to say
They’d been mistaken, and I now report to you with glee
If Dad had not persisted then there wouldn’t have been me.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012, all rights reserved”

10 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Loved the story and the poem, Ian. In fact life is just a series of coincidences and taking decisions. All the consequences are only visible later.
    Love, Steph


  2. Your said : “If Dad had not persisted then there wouldn’t have been me”.

    I’m agree Uncle…! 🙂

    Lovely story of True Love.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Ian, not that I want the last word, but it is a great name 🙂

    I am told “Eric” means “the eternal ruler”…and here I am not even in charge of my life…but not so your Dad, from I gather.



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