The News

The announcer on our evening news Was looking rather glum, Presenting all the latest views Assuming we were dumb He told us that the outer space We’d poisoned over years Would soon destroy the human race He almost came to tears! Then focused on the raging wars That flourished round the earth Through broken glass and shattered doors And flying broken turf Came cries of … Continue reading The News

That First Kiss!

At the age of fifteen I was beginning to realize I’d accumulated great wisdom on entering the terrible teenage years. It was quite apparent parents in general needed counsel from those of us young and intelligent, so they’d be more in tune with the way things should be done in the ‘now” generation. It was only at a much later age I noted with satisfaction … Continue reading That First Kiss!

Vision Renewed

    Image Source:   Strugglers on their weary road today Have burdens on their shoulders hard to bear, And if you listen you will hear them say Please help us! But it seems there’s none to care For we have burdens which we bear our self, And we companions in their misery are, But selfishness can overtake by stealth And others problems looked … Continue reading Vision Renewed

Brush with Death

The above image copyrighted to © Christian Lagereek #6530323 One of the vivid memories of our house in Gympie Australia after we’d moved from Macintosh Creek farm in the early 50’s was an assortment of vehicles parked in the adjacent lot we owned next door. Eric had supplemented his interest in rural properties with his newest acquisition, a timber business. Somehow in trading out of … Continue reading Brush with Death