Happy dancing round the tree
Sweet sixteen that’s Stephanie
Every day is just the same
Wants to enter any game

Sun or rain the same to her
Children all to her defer
She’s the leader of the pack
Tag her first she’ll tag you back

People seek her company
Love this girl she’s fancy free
From the stranger first to meet
To the neighbour down the street

Stephanie has a constant dream
In her eye a certain gleam
Someday in a future bright
She will marry Mister Right

She’ll have children wait and see
And she’ll bring them up to be
Fancy free without a care
Stephanie wants her joy to share

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012, all rights reserved”

11 thoughts on “Stephanie

    1. Steph, I never received notification of your response but will look for it now. Don’t know if the reply was on your page or mine. So I assumed silence was non-consent and I would fully understand that. I’m glad you liked the poem. You get a sense of someone’s personality through their writing and I hope this has been well communicated.


      1. Hello Ian, I posted the reply on my blog, That is probably the reason you did not get a mail message (unless you clicked on follow-up comments via email).. I’m sorry I didn’t reply her assuming you would read my reaction somehow, but the case is cleared out now, please accept my apologies. I’m very honoured and very grateful for your appreciation of my insignificant little person. Thank you very much, it’s one of the nicest gifts I ever got, if not the nicest!.
        Love and hugs
        Steph xx


      2. I’m glad you liked the poem. You’ve inspired me to keep writing poems Steph. in spite of the fact my background is in business I love reading and writing. I find it very satisfying. I wish I had your enormous talent in translation and languages though.


      3. Whatever your background is, it takes talent and most of all the will to do something as good as it can be done (to quote Albert Einstein: 1% of inspiration and 99 % of transpiration), to write good texts on whatever subject. I do not have such a talent and probably lack the willpower too. You may envy my capacities when it comes to languages (pure luck) and the resulting possibility to translate, I envy your capacity to write even more. So keep on writing Ian
        Love Steph xx


  1. Hello Ian,
    Whenever I hear a ping and see your post…I finish off what I am doing and log in…reading your posts is getting to be an addiction, me thinks.

    You don’t say who “Stephanie” is, but if she is who I think she is – that is a lovely poem for a lovely child.

    God bless her,


    1. No, it’s not one of my family Eric though the sweater on the girl in the picture is one my wife made when we lived in Singapore. I’ve put up quite a few of her creations on my YouTube site.Wishing you well in beautiful Singapore a country we dearly love along with it’s wonderful people. Oh, I shouldn’t forget the hawker stands of Singapore thinking of which makes my mouth water.


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