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Pouring warmth upon the new born day

Sun calls to order earthly kin.

Sends sunbeam subjects then to say

Let the day’s activity begin!


Flowers open up their sleepy eyes,

Animals their stirring noises make,

Birds begin to chirp in glad surprise

Relatives now out upon the lake.


Dog alerts at sound of baby cry,

Cat arches back and tiptoes to the door.

Mother wakens with a sigh

Father’s feet upon the floor.


Traffic noises out upon the street

Remind responsibility this new day,

Tasks each person now to greet

Humans have no time to play.


But nature turns to greet the sun

No indoor-living they desire,

For natures business is their fun

Until they should at night retire.


No doctor tends to nature’s need,

But humans jealous of their plays

Ravage earth to pander human greed

And earth in turn their greed repays.


With sickness, quality of life degrade

Until at last we humans now dismayed

Recognize mistakes we’ve made,

Material lifestyle only then we’ll trade.


Then greet the sun as nature does each day,

Spend time outdoors as much we can

The rules of nature now obey

Equilibrium to restore again.


“© Copyright Ian Grice,

ianscyberspace 2018 All rights reserved





12 thoughts on “Equilibrium

  1. Oh, this is beautiful, Ian, and conveys such an important message to us humans. On a lighter note, the imagery in this verse made me smile:
    “Flowers open up their sleepy eyes,
    Animals their stirring noises make,
    Birds begin to chirp in glad surprise
    Relatives now out upon the lake.”

    Great poem, and thank you for sharing!

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  2. I echo Eric’s comments and thank you for this very signature Ian poem and message.

    My Dad always maintained that mankind’s global destructiveness was mainly due to overpopulation, he had four children so he could hardly preach. However, I am always amazed when I go to the UK, ranked #55 in population density at 660 per sq mil, that there are still so many stretches of beautiful countryside where bird song greets the dawn and wild flowers nod to the sun. And, yes i know that the densest populated city states like Macau, Monaco, Singapore etc sport double figure thousands per square mile are in a different league. All this to say that I agree that we have to be alert and mindful of what we are doing to our planet but also to say that the UK example gives me some hope.

    We need more Ian poems to keep reminding us.

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    1. Thank you so much for your ever welcome comment. Yes overpopulation does degrade the land as we tear up part of the earths breathing apparatus. The deserts of Africa through sand transfer in the winds feeds the Amazon which supplies much of the resources such as oxygen we need. Of course there are forests in other parts of the world too but with population growth these are all cleared for fuel, shelter and crops. So we manufacture another Sahara and that creates a one way spiral downward. Attempts to reverse our earth destruction are paltry to say the least and I fear for our great grandchildren’s quality of life, if they have any.

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  3. This line brought a smile for me: “Cat arches back and tiptoes to the door.” It reminded me of a cartoon cat up to its no-good. LOL.

    But that aside, your poem is beautiful but also conveys a serious message.

    There’s a positive take in this line: “Until at last we humans now dismayed… Recognize mistakes we’ve made,”

    True, people are stirring to the fact that we are ravaging nature and we can only do our part and hope that the momentum builds fast enough to stop irreversible destruction.

    Good one, Ian, and thank you for bringing these words to us.


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  4. You’ve captured the mad world of the morning rush we’ll Ian. The contrast of our everyday world is a reminder of how nature was intended to be and how it hangs on despite our heedless destruction of it. Really enjoyed these verses.

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