Cultural Adaption

Ahmed gazed with astonishment at the children of the family next door playing in their front yard. He was aware the name of the game in English was basketball. Since his family had moved into the neighbourhood from the detention centre where refugees had been processed over countless months he’d lost track of time, and troubles in his homeland were beginning to fade from his … Continue reading Cultural Adaption

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 8

Married Life Stanley interrupted his memories as he refocused on a panorama of the South Pacific Ocean once again.  This always thrilled him as he looked toward Moreton Island in the distance where a thunderstorm was brewing, he’d relived these memories over and over since Jade died. Having thrown himself into work at the office afterward with a vengeance it had taken the mind off … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 8

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 4

  Jade Faces Reality Stanley was horrified. After her reaction yesterday when she woke up she’d probably never speak to him again. He couldn’t bear for that to happen. He struggled with what to do now and reached down to try and make her more comfortable. A wave of pleasure coursed through him. “I love you.” He whispered involuntarily stoking her jet-black hair. The words … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 4

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 3

Jade’s Indiscretion Jade fled to her room and cried. What image of a Chinese woman would this have developed in the foreigner’s mind? She was not a plaything and the incident was unfortunate in that she’d begun to have an unexpected happy time with him. She was horrified at the electricity that had passed between them as she tripped and fell on top of him. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 3

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 2

Tragedy at the Yacht Club Jade put on her stoic face and let the family take over planning. Once her cooperation was gained Wong Hui made his move. Through selected staff Stanley socialized and worked with his attention was constantly drawn to Jade’s beauty and his need to settle down and take a wife and he should consider her. His response was always the same. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 2

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 1

Precious Memories Stanley Alan Pengelly stood on the footpath overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a familiar sight but as his mind turned back the pages of his life he contrasted the beach at Mooloolaba with the way it was when as a boy his father would bring them to this place for their half year camping vacation. He remembered learning to water ski a … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 1

Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 5

Disclosure By the time Bhaskar arrived it was more than two hours since Aditya had been captured and whisked to this remote interrogation centre. On the way it had been reported to him Police Headquarters was on high alert at the possibility there were some in their own midst who’d succumbed to the enticements of criminal elements. It was now vital this question be settled … Continue reading Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 5

A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 4

Rediscovering Family Months later Maria’s new lawyers finalized the estate, and everything was transferred into her name. The estate had eventually been valued at just under five million dollars and a regular income began to flow into her personal bank account from investments. Maria visited with the accounting firm that had handled Mrs Jones tax reporting matters and retained them to represent her. Money was … Continue reading A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 4

A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 3

Suspicions Confirmed Maria struggled in her mind as she slowly closed the front door again from the inside. She stood there for a while then retraced her steps and sat on the lounge chair. She looked at the old woman sitting in her favourite chair sobbing and human sympathy replaced anger. The old woman had been kind to her during the years she’d stayed there … Continue reading A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 3