Cultural Adaption

Ahmed gazed with astonishment at the children of the family next door playing in their front yard. He was aware the name of the game in English was basketball. Since his family had moved into the neighbourhood from the detention centre where refugees had been processed over countless months he’d lost track of time, and troubles in his homeland were beginning to fade from his … Continue reading Cultural Adaption

Stewart Grant

Gwendoline Coventry had been stewing over the report from her son David all night and hadn’t had much sleep. She’d snapped at the maid and shouted at the gardener this morning and they were tiptoeing around her cautiously as they did their work trying to stay out of her way. This was the day the women in this street customarily enjoyed a card afternoon at … Continue reading Stewart Grant

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 10

Family Reunion Stanley didn’t sleep well that night as he was careful not to touch his sister in law. He turned it all over in his mind and looked forward to his return to Singapore with a mixture of happiness and apprehension. He now had knowledge how disappointed the family was with him, but he’d take up his load with enthusiasm and win their respect … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 10

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 3

Jade’s Indiscretion Jade fled to her room and cried. What image of a Chinese woman would this have developed in the foreigner’s mind? She was not a plaything and the incident was unfortunate in that she’d begun to have an unexpected happy time with him. She was horrified at the electricity that had passed between them as she tripped and fell on top of him. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 3

Shalini’s Escape-Chapter 7

 Justice Served Judge Gaikwad stood to his feet. He may have been grey haired, but he was an imposing tall warrior who knew the tricks of the law. He looked over the men seated around the table. “Am I wrong in what I’ve said gentlemen?” “You’re absolutely right Judge and we’re upset at this unnecessary intrusion. We were shocked to see that DVD you managed … Continue reading Shalini’s Escape-Chapter 7

Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 4

Looking for Answers Plain clothes policemen waited until linesman Aditya hailed an auto rickshaw then followed as he headed for work in another rickshaw keeping in touch with some of their undercover counterparts by cell phone. They hadn’t wanted to detain him at home or at work so waited for a strategic location along the route to work and cut in front of Aditya’s rickshaw. … Continue reading Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 4

Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 2

Reality Check Lost in the horror of it all Shalini gasped in surprise as a voice behind her park seat spoke. She spun around to confront the intruder. “So, you’re Shalini, welcome to the club.” “Who are you and how do you know my name. What club are you talking about?” The girl took a seat beside her and stared at her for a while. … Continue reading Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 2

A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 3

Suspicions Confirmed Maria struggled in her mind as she slowly closed the front door again from the inside. She stood there for a while then retraced her steps and sat on the lounge chair. She looked at the old woman sitting in her favourite chair sobbing and human sympathy replaced anger. The old woman had been kind to her during the years she’d stayed there … Continue reading A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 3

A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 2

Relatives in the Neighbourhood Maria opened the door wearily. She’d fitted in cleaning five houses today working quickly. After many years, she’d perfected a system, speed and a quick eye made her a sought-after professional at her work. She was sometimes envious of servants in rich houses whose jobs were specific and less onerous. But her overall monetary reward for speed and excellence made it … Continue reading A Family for Jeffrey – Chapter 2

Nowhere to Go – Chapter 4

The Misguided Choice Next morning the silence continued, and Mildred decided to let it run its course. He loved her and would forgive her, at least that’s what she hoped. She’d placed a wedge between them and Eric’s brother. She’d let him alone for a while but knew she’d have to apologize and bring the family together again. What if Gary had reported this to … Continue reading Nowhere to Go – Chapter 4