Lifestyle Choice

Waving bush and swaying tree Sends regards for all to see, Flying mynors in the sky Examine all as they fly by. Blue tongue lizard in the yard Pokes its tongue with no regard, Seabirds flying overhead Fly to coast for daily bread. Clouds in ever changing mode Look for place to shed their load, Sun shines eagerly on earth Coaxes flowers daily birth. Kangaroo … Continue reading Lifestyle Choice


Pouring warmth upon the new born day Sun calls to order earthly kin. Sends sunbeam subjects then to say Let the day’s activity begin!   Flowers open up their sleepy eyes, Animals their stirring noises make, Birds begin to chirp in glad surprise Relatives now out upon the lake.   Dog alerts at sound of baby cry, Cat arches back and tiptoes to the door. … Continue reading Equilibrium

The Winds of Strife

An eerie glow in yonder sky The village stopped to stare, They’d seen it all in days gone by For it was hardly rare. The news reports on high alert For typhoons ran this way, The last one’s damage really hurt It’s memory to stay. The people had nowhere to go Their options very few, Another storm, a fatal blow Could they their hopes renew? … Continue reading The Winds of Strife

The Boa

Westlake was one of those ideal suburbs the average person who hasn’t lived in the tropics can only dream of as they flick through slick brochures promoting vacations where snows never fall, and you are only minutes away from some exotic scene reminding one of their good fortune living in a tropical paradise. On a short walk from Westlake through overhanging jungle one is suddenly … Continue reading The Boa