The Reason for the Season – Poem


If the reason for the season is to get but not to give,

Or to fill our self with food delights for that’s the way to live

Maybe uncork lots of bottles for the pleasure of the night

But to wake the following morning with a headache fit to fight.

If every selfish pleasure capped the day with lots of things

We’d be missing out on happiness unselfish spirit brings.


For giving without getting has satisfaction of its own

And the satisfaction lingers after selfless deeds are done,

While we enjoy prosperity there are people on the street

Who lack the funds to clothe themselves have shoes upon their feet.

And their silent cry for understanding people who should care

Have them looking all directions for a meagre help to snare.


But sometimes these same people with the little they possess

Care less fortunate round them whose lives are in a mess.

For learning how unyielding these poor people’s lives may be

Breeds a sympathetic spirit hard more fortunate to see.

We need more introspection, and seek to understand

Why those of us more fortunate need to give a helping hand.


If the reason for the season is to get but not to give

Then we need to have a change of heart and learn to really live.

Instead of pulling out all stops to grasp a lot of things

Perhaps it’s time to help someone, feel happiness it brings

In serving human need and sharing season’s gifts to others

Remembering all humanity are our sisters and our brothers.


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15 thoughts on “The Reason for the Season – Poem

  1. This is a universal good message. It is worthy of being printed out, framed, and placed on the wall in the toilet where all can read it! Sound odd; but that’s what my Dad did with everything he wanted we children to learn – Kings and Queens of England etc,etc.

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