Passing the Test

Passing the Test

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Where were you when the child next door

Was hurt in domestic fight?

Or teenage gang on the street you saw,

Set the homeless man alight?

And where were you when drunken thugs,

King hit an innocent man?

Or the desperate youth in need of drugs

Stole the lady’s purse and ran.

At the office party how did you act

When the woman cried in fear

As the boss immodestly made attack

And only you were near?

What did you do when your wayward son,

Begged you to lie to the law?

And you came to know he was on the run,

From a crime that no one saw.

Were you there when illegal migrants you saw?

Looked for your sympathy.

But you turned them in, for that was law

With no hint of empathy.

How did you act toward the family near

When the neighbour’s work was lost?

Their financial situation it was clear

Needed help the most.

Every day in our challenging life

We’re judging right from wrong,

And the choices made in this life of strife

Can make us weak or strong.

And it’s easy for us to others blame,

When choices manifest.

But what about me in situations same

Would I pass the right-wrong test?

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© Copyright 2021 Ian Grice, “ianscyberspace.” All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “Passing the Test

  1. Your words are powerful. They prompt us to recall those moments when we had to decipher between right and wrong. I like Cindy’s comment, “Life is a gray soup.” It is indeed, unfortunately. Wonderful and thought-provoking poem, Ian.

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  2. It is a thought provoking poem full of truths – Thank you. indeed where was I?

    I’m one who seldom acts,
    ‘Stay out of trouble.’ I say,
    When theft and usury are facts,
    Then I don’t want to turn away.
    For I hate crimes of greed
    Un-phased by right or wrong test,
    Made by those who have no need
    And tell us it is all for the best.

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