Wildlife Rescue

Into the town in fear they arrived

Desperate for something to drink.

These were the few that had somehow survived,

All barely able to think.


Tried their luck where sheep slated their thirst

And ranchers had shot those who dared,

Water so scarce that their sheep would come first

Thus, leaving the wildlife uncared.


Drought had been present for three years now

Artesian their only supply,

But now deep water source less would allow

Causing all kind thoughts to fly.


Tentatively now poor survivors came near

Eyeing town’s generous reserves,

Hot water from earth’s subterranean sea

In gigantic cooling preserves.


Seeing no danger, the wildlife looked round

Seeking a cooler supply.

Then at a distance the swimming pool found,

Thought that they’d give that a try.


Kangaroos, emus and dingos rushed in,

Morning swimmers received such a fright

To see all those animals painfully thin

The town people sad at their plight.


Town folk decided to care for them all

Providing their everyday need,

Then after drought broken the short and the tall

Returned with man less to be feared.


“© Copyright 2019 Ian Grice, ianscyberspace. All rights reserved

The above image is copyrighted to Tracy Walker




13 thoughts on “Wildlife Rescue

  1. This is a poignant poem with a message – I assume that it is true!. About a week ago our little man-made artificial stream in our back garden was visited by a several-hundred-strong flock of robins. We watched them take turns in bathing in the water. They were very civilized in their queueing. Today we had a different vaster in the form of a huge blue heron, he had to leave hungry as he took all the fish last fall.

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    1. That would have been a wonderful sight to see Jane. Because we live in a retirement resort village we only have a limited back yard but have arranged it nicely and have a bird bath placed so we can see the birds drinking and bathing. Birds of different types come there. within the types they are civilized and wait their turn. But when the types clash over the bird bath it is a war for possession. 🙂 Yes the poem tries to report just what happens when there has been drought for several years in the western semi-desert. All animals suffer or die under those conditions.


  2. Easier to be generous when there is plenty. Scarcity brings forth one’s hidden nature.
    That is lovely to have people share with the wildlife, dispel fear and build friendships.
    Your poem started off tentative and ended well 🙂
    Way to go!

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