Masked Pleasure

We felt her presence as she stepped inside

Jasmine called attention as she came.

Silken garment rustled at her side

Catching light in brilliant flame.


Every eye transfixed attention gave

For her beauty caused such strong desire,

Who’d be first to issue welcome brave?

Wistful hearts joined cupid’s choir.


Each in turn resolved their luck to try

Competition eked the brave ones on,

No one moved with seconds passing by,

Move forward, or perchance she’s gone!


Thomas Wanton seized the moment fast

Strode to door his physique on display,

Winning smile on her this man did cast

Always his commencing play.


She’d outplayed some Thomas’s before

Swept him instant to her net.

So many men, she hadn’t kept a score

She’d take his money all that she could get.


And thus, it is forbidden pleasures are

So tempting that we feel their subtle pull.

When stepping hopefully through gate ajar

They seize us and destroy our strongest will.


“© Copyright 2019 Ian Grice, ianscyberspace. All rights reserved

The above  image is copyrighted to




5 thoughts on “Masked Pleasure

  1. This is a thoughtful poem and quite a departure from you usual mantra. It reads well and the vamp picture ads to the aura. I wonder what inspired this in 2018 surely NOT “Song of the Ankle Rings” which, by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No the snippets on WP didn’t inspire the poem. That was something that just came into my head at the time. That period was quite productive as I just kept writing without a stop and all this years posts were from that period so I’ve been slacking off during a difficult health phase. Must get back into writing again. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wrote this poem in 2018, and last night as I continued to read your gifted book “Song of the Ankle Rings” I thought this should be the poem I put up today. You must have sent me thought messages as you were preparing your book then. 🙂


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