Adrenalin Rush

It was early 1950’s and my Father Eric had decided to sell his Macintosh Creek property and move back to outskirts of Gympie city where he could more conveniently store trucks and tree harvesting equipment as he concentrated energy on his newly acquired timber hauling business. The other farm, a pineapple plantation at the rural community Kin Kin was leased to an English migrant family … Continue reading Adrenalin Rush

Macintosh Creek

The Mooloo farming experience (see previous blog) turned out to be a disaster for our family. Eric had purchased the farm believing a rural atmosphere would assist in recovery of his health. After all he’d engaged share croppers to do the hard yards during his recovery period. But the army still had to be fully demobilized in the late 40’s and there was an acute … Continue reading Macintosh Creek

Calamity on the Mountain

                                  Above image copyrighted to “What on earth happened to your bikes?” Eric studied the crumpled mudguards on the bikes and glanced with a puzzled look at Ian who looked around quickly for something to divert his Father’s attention. Nothing came immediately to view, so he began to fidget. Now in those days it was a source of amazement to this eldest son when … Continue reading Calamity on the Mountain

True Blessings

Copyright credit for the above picture life4na3 She shuffles to the entrance and then fumbles for a key Its time to do her shopping for the week, What happened to that teenage girl? It’s plain for all to see Her youth long gone, her future now looks bleak. Her children overseas have gone she rarely sees them now, Her brothers, now deceased, a memory A … Continue reading True Blessings

Mooloo School Days Revisited

Image Credit: Royalty Free Bicycle Illustrations by Ron Leishman  See previous blog on Mooloo School Days for the background to this story. Only those who’ve braved those washboard dirt roads between our rural property and the Mooloo school in the late 40’s will comprehend the bone shattering journey as we made our way to school and back home each day. When Eric bought bicycles for … Continue reading Mooloo School Days Revisited

Mooloo School Days

At the end of the Second World War my father Eric purchased a 270 acre farm at Mooloo. This rural settlement was one of several surrounding the gold mining city of Gympie in the Mary Valley, Queensland, Australia. Eric needed to recover his health after those tough war years and anticipated a good rest cure while share croppers managed his land. The settlement name, “Mooloo” … Continue reading Mooloo School Days