Nowhere to Go – Chapter 3

  Relationship Breakdown Milly sped home to work with the information gleaned on her desktop computer. She felt happy with her morning’s activities but noted Katy was beginning to fret. The child needed to be home resting. When finished she smiled proudly. Not a bad morning’s work she thought. She liked being busy. She emailed her finished work including attachments to Eric, and for good … Continue reading Nowhere to Go – Chapter 3

Nowhere to Go – Chapter 2

Mildred’s Burden Eric Mansfield worked for the government Department of Health and his days were full on trying to keep up with a system that was underfunded and understaffed. To reduce stress so he’d present home as a happy husband and father he did one hour of extreme workout after work at a gym near his office and would be physically tired but happy by … Continue reading Nowhere to Go – Chapter 2

Nowhere to Go – Chapter 1

Katy’s Discovery Katrina Patricia Mansfield paused from swinging to contemplate activities in the property below. She looked at her arms and noted how light the colour was compared to kids playing next door. They were tanned brown. Had they been out in the sun too long? Mom had always told her to be careful to put on sunscreen lotion before going outside to play. She’d … Continue reading Nowhere to Go – Chapter 1

Peggy Sue Moves On – Chapter 5

The Reconnection Joel drummed the desk with his fingers and his wife looked up from her workstation. “What’s troubling you Sheriff Joel?” “This business going on at Peggy Sue’s ranch. I suspect the Mahoney boys are involved, they’re always over there to use her track and jump equipment. She threatened to ban them when they were a bit rough with her horses and they’ve been … Continue reading Peggy Sue Moves On – Chapter 5