New Neighbours – Chapter 1

Cultural Orientation Tess Sheffield paused from dinner preparation at the kitchen deck and looked at her husband Bert. “Did you hear that noise, it sounded like a big truck near the entrance to our driveway. Are you expecting any delivery for your workshop?” Bert grunted as you folded the newspaper and listened carefully. He stretched and arose from the comfortable chair in their family room. … Continue reading New Neighbours – Chapter 1

Rescued from Ruin – Chapter 3

Discovering the Truth Usually Claire checked on Richard on weekends but she’d been mulling over Cliff’s questions all night and decided she needed to finalize in her mind why she was pouring her time and finances into Richard so next morning phoned to inquire if Cliff would be able to meet with her next evening. This time it would be her restaurant and her treat. … Continue reading Rescued from Ruin – Chapter 3

Rescued from Ruin – Chapter 2

Rehabilitation Media attention began to unsettle senior partners and Richard became aware he was becoming more of a liability than an asset to them. It was hinted increasingly that maybe it would be best for him to take a leave of absence for a while until media fervour calmed down. The stress was enormous, and he began to take medications to keep him on an … Continue reading Rescued from Ruin – Chapter 2

Rescued From Ruin – Chapter 1

Ethics Compromised Richard Stephen Johansson shifted uncomfortably on the pavement. His tired eyes flicked between the shopping trolley that had become his mobile storage and an assortment of deadbeats eyeing it jealously. Now that supermarkets were increasingly trying to protect their investment by making trolleys coin operated shoppers were returning them to get their money back. But occasionally someone would not bother with their coin … Continue reading Rescued From Ruin – Chapter 1