It is the custom in Asia for women to defer to their husbands. Those unfamiliar with the culture will note women walk at a respectable distance behind their husbands whenever they’re seen together. It’s also surprising to a newcomer women don’t eat with their husband and his male friends, taking their food in relative obscurity of the kitchen; their holy domain. While those not born … Continue reading THE QUIET LADY

My Facelift Experience

It was early 1995 and we were preparing for the monumental task of vacating 800 Thomson Road, Singapore in preparation for a massive re-development program which, in partnership with Hong Kong developers, would give us a rebuilt headquarters, apartments for all our staff and a lot of money to be re-invested in facilities around the Asia Pacific region. As 800 in Chinese thinking is a … Continue reading My Facelift Experience


The sign on the way into the transit lounge at the airport said, “Inconvenience regretted,” and I instantly understood the reason the sign was in place. I was in a small airport in a topical location away from the major air transit routes. The heat was overpowering, and beat all of the passengers into lethargic submission causing us to head purposefully in the direction of … Continue reading INCONVENIENCE REGRETTED


Mohan rushed into my office past the startled secretary and stood looking at the desk in anger. His lips trembled as he tried to articulate the stress exercising his mind, and his fists clenched and unclenched in a strange rhythmic action. I waited for him to bring himself under some semblance of control, then motioned him to sit down as I transferred to the chair … Continue reading THE CHALLENGE