Transitions – Chapter 4

  The Rift It was at Sahib Humphrey’s funeral a final rift took place between the Gopal Das family and Felicity Rani Reed Smith. Felicity Rani was granddaughter to the Gopal Das family and they came to the funeral expecting to manage funeral arrangements as they’d done for their daughter Geeta. They came with good intentions. But Felicity Rani had other ideas. While she’d deferred … Continue reading Transitions – Chapter 4

Transitions – Chapter 3

Changing Times It was the turn of the century and times were changing. When the Reed ancestor had left London he had entered a country in which seeds of independence were beginning to germinate. The 1857 Indian rebellion had resulted in British Government takeover of administration from the East India Company. A managed but gradual parliamentary system was formed which supported landed gentry and the … Continue reading Transitions – Chapter 3

Transitions – Chapter 2

Shadi Gopal Das suddenly found himself elevated in the eyes of surrounding communities, at least at his level in the rigid caste system. People he didn’t know joined in with the known crowds flocking to his house to bring their congratulations and gifts. Gopal Das accepted each gift carefully and thoughtfully. The acceptance of gifts brought with it obligations at some chosen point of time … Continue reading Transitions – Chapter 2

Nursing Home

                  Enter through the twin lock door Followed by each listless stare Wonder what inside’s in store Helpless people everywhere Old folk guided by a nurse Tramp the sterile corridor Good old times they still rehearse While they shuffle ‘round the floor Sadie sits in her wheel chair Reaches out as we pass by Old Joe looks … Continue reading Nursing Home