November 1. Now that’s a date I don’t need a reminder for even though I’ve taken all precautions and put it into every electronic media at my disposal as a reminder. That’s the day I got hitched, or to use the more polite form, married. I remember it as one of these dismal rainy days adding to the usual set of worries about planning such … Continue reading Wedding


Climbing on the mountain trail Slipping feet on treacherous shale Chilling in the morning air Other pilgrims passing there, Left his family long before Searching heaven’s open door With his begging bowl in hand Over rivers, burning sand. Saffron robe sways in the breeze Whispers prayers his god to please, Glances toward those distant hills Sparkling snow and wind that chills. Ashram* hiding out of … Continue reading Pilgrim

Our Bird Friends

  Lorikeets from feeders look, Neighbour’s cat lurks nearby tree Loves his secret shady nook Watching birds and watching me.   Raven sitting on the fence Cocks his head from side to side Arching wings in quick defence Calls his mate come sit beside.   Magpie searching on the lawn Cool where insects love to play, He’ll carefully check the stands of corn Chuckling on … Continue reading Our Bird Friends

Emmaus Road

In celebration of Easter Written for my Christian cyber friends The Setting of this poem: Immediately following His death and the resurrection, Jesus reconnects with his dispirited followers to encourage them. They were so unhappy they didn’t recognize who it was walking beside them on the way to their home in Emmaus. Reference: The Bible, Luke 24:13-35 This poem is written in sonnet format Two … Continue reading Emmaus Road