Sheila Carter – Chapter 4

Chapter 4. Retribution It was on a fateful day, months after the dance at their farm district meeting hall Sheila was shopping on a day off work in a shopping centre in the suburbs. She usually met up with family members in from the country for a day’s shopping and accompanied them as they shopped and shared a meal together, but for some reason the … Continue reading Sheila Carter – Chapter 4

Sheila Carter – Chapter 3

Chapter 3. The Young Doctor It was difficult at first to return to a regimented program at the hospital. The Matron was stern and wouldn’t tolerate indiscipline or shoddy work and that was OK with Sheila. She had an interest in helping people and soon became a favourite with patients. Her cheery smile won over most. It was very occasionally someone made a disparaging remark … Continue reading Sheila Carter – Chapter 3

Sheila Carter – Chapter 2

Chapter 2. The Attempted Conquest That was then, this was now. Sheila Carter sat and pondered the stories handed down to her as she grew up. She was mixed race but in her heart, she identified with her tribal ancestors. This had been encouraged by her father Neville who despite his white skin, tanned brown over the years from hard labour on the farm was … Continue reading Sheila Carter – Chapter 2

Sheila Carter – Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Cultural Mutation Sheila Carter sat on a ridge overlooking their extensive farmland. It all looked familiar but there was something about it that just didn’t seem to satisfy her soul. Sheila was a mixed-race aboriginal. Well that was how she thought of herself. Her soft creamy brown skin and jet-black hair shone in the sunlight to remind her of the part of her … Continue reading Sheila Carter – Chapter 1