Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Great Expectations Virgilio sat in the corner facing the wall with hands over his ears vainly trying not to hear the cries of his mother as Sven beat her. It was becoming a habit now and Virgilio was terrified. He was too frightened to make any noise as Sven could turn attention to him. He’d tried to defend his mother one time before even though … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Mother’s Day Surprise

Clara sat up in bed with difficulty. Reaching behind she adjusted pillows, so they gave her back more support. Her back ached and she winced as the effort adjusting those pillows disturbed back vertebrae that now ground together. She gave a little cry of surprise and shook her head sadly. Slipping back into memory lane she remembered how it hadn’t been that way for much … Continue reading Mother’s Day Surprise

LOVE’S TEST = Chapter 4

The Return Slowly Colleen recovered from the shock of Robbie’s capture and loss of her child. She returned to helping the old lady and took over field work Robbie had been doing. The hard work helped cleanse her soul of her losses. Each day she’d look hopefully toward the trail leading to the mountains and their nearest neighbour village where the trail was replaced by … Continue reading LOVE’S TEST = Chapter 4