Brenda Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 –  Living with the Truth It was at the supposed age of twelve Brenda’s grandfather died. He’d been her rock through growing years and Brenda was heartbroken. Very soon after that her grandmother followed her husband to his grave carefully maintained and not far removed from their home. Her uncle and aunts doted on the child. The tribe had long since … Continue reading Brenda Chapter 2

Brenda – Chapter 1

Living in Harmony In the forests of an emerging country Brenda was born. Well that was not her original name but the English name given her later.  It was in an era when that community was shared between traditional tribes and the white settlers who’d squatted on recent claims and commenced farming with their modest flocks of livestock. The tribes moved around these squatter camps … Continue reading Brenda – Chapter 1

Coolies Revenge

Lee settled into his office chair to begin whittling away at accumulated correspondence and reports. The first order of business was to process items which could easily be settled by his secretary with a few written comments. That was the easy part and he quickly separated the pile to be collected by his secretary with stick on comments to guide her as she dealt with … Continue reading Coolies Revenge