NOT OUR CLASS – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Separation Michael Joseph Morgan, MJ to the world wiped his mouth with a napkin and reached out for the pile of documents delivered to a breakfast table wheeled into his bedroom each morning. His wife Anna sat propped up in bed watching the breakfast show. “Ah Anna you’ll be interested in this one.” Anna Morgan burst out of bed and joined her … Continue reading NOT OUR CLASS – Chapter 4

NOT OUR CLASS- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Rebecca Rebecca somehow made it through her nine months and one of the few genuine moments of joy she could remember was when her daughter was delivered to her arms for the first time. She loved this child enormously! It was a light in the very dark place she’d entered the day she eloped and married Jed Carter. The marriage was his … Continue reading NOT OUR CLASS- Chapter 3


Chapter 1 Trudy “Trudy, come here at once!” Trudy looked up from the task absorbing her attention, then returned her gaze to the selection of mud pies taken with great care from the mud puddle in front of their country home. Trudy and her Mom had moved there recently. It was one of those quiet country lanes just far enough from the village so Mrs … Continue reading NOT OUR CLASS – Ch. 1