Wendy’s Wish

Wendy at the window sill Anxious looking down the road, Was he working next door still? Ferrying another load? Saw him working yesterday Muscles rippling body straight Glancing at the heavens grey, Had to finish, couldn’t wait She had to go where he could see Her weeding at the entrance way Heart now pounding, could it be He’d ask her out? Oh, happy day! Richie … Continue reading Wendy’s Wish

Wendell – Chapter 2

Mutual Discovery Wendell burst through the entrance of his parent’s home in excitement. His Mother Gaby Franks looked up from the kitchen in surprise followed by a feeling of alarm. She quickly washed the flour off her hands and dried them on her apron then moved quickly to the front room to greet her son. She’d interpreted his burst as a precursor to some dread … Continue reading Wendell – Chapter 2

Wendell – Chapter 1

Personality Change Wendell Franks stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom looking uncertainly at the image projected back at him. He flicked an imaginary spot from his jacket and to his surprise the spot remained stubbornly present in his mirror image. He bent his head as far as he could to try and discover how this could be after increasingly energetic finger flicking … Continue reading Wendell – Chapter 1

Child Exploitation

Standing by a traffic stop Scratching at his lice filled hair, Glancing at the traffic cop Ragged clothes and shoulders bare. Baksheesh was his constant cry Tapping on each window pane, Not much cash, but have to try Avoid the bashing and the pain. From his owner’s greedy hand Gets some shelter, little food, Pressed in with this beggar band Syndicate’s this captive brood! Rural … Continue reading Child Exploitation


Pouring warmth upon the new born day Sun calls to order earthly kin. Sends sunbeam subjects then to say Let the day’s activity begin!   Flowers open up their sleepy eyes, Animals their stirring noises make, Birds begin to chirp in glad surprise Relatives now out upon the lake.   Dog alerts at sound of baby cry, Cat arches back and tiptoes to the door. … Continue reading Equilibrium