The Sacrifice

Hosts of heavenly angels fill the sky, With disbelief the common people stare, While priestly rulers scoffingly pass by His ruined holy body stark and bare Then Roman soldiers hastened to affix “’Tis Israel’s King,” for everyone to see. Were His disciples, too distressed to mix? Afraid those priestly enemies to be; God’s spirit helped Him bear His load of pain For love for men … Continue reading The Sacrifice


Above image copyright to One of the loftiest ambitions to be found in the man of the East is to be a teacher. History and the Shastras report countless experiences where a Guru, or teacher, instills into students noble principles, and then watches with satisfaction as students use these principles to achieve great things for the betterment of mankind. A teacher is held in … Continue reading CAUGHT OUT

The Lesson

Now parents are a special breed They’re always on the go, I’m sure that we are all agreed They always seem to know When children need their counsel wise For mischief they will make, Children learn to their surprise When caught in their mistake But parents also like to teach Their children proper ways, A sermon they’ll be wont to preach When child’s attention strays … Continue reading The Lesson