GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 2

Restitution Gopal was aware of the route to Dhaka but had little comprehension of how long it would take to make it to the Hindu homeland, India. Travelling ten hours a day by foot would take a week to get to the border, that is assuming they could get help with food along the way. He was tempted to return to his home and dig … Continue reading GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 2

GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 1

(GOPAL. From the Sanskrit word go “cow” and pala “protector” and taken to mean “cowherd”.) Slaughter on the Ganges. Gopal sat on the banks of the river and watched as his herd fossicked among grassland and then carefully made their way down the slippery path to a shallow portion of the waterway to drink. He lived in the village of Deviganj and among his brothers … Continue reading GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 1

Katie’s Wedding – Scene 5

Reality Check Thomas devoured his bean burrito with enthusiasm pausing now and then to glance at his intended bride. He was glad Aunt Naomi had introduced him to this place and it had become the favourite haunt of them both now. The more he thought about Kate the more obsessed he was about making her a lifetime commitment. His feelings for her were strong. Kate … Continue reading Katie’s Wedding – Scene 5

Katie’s Wedding

Scene 4 – Wedding Plans The story in brief to date, see Chapters 1-3 for further background. Katie and Thomas were childhood friends whose parents were very close. Naomi and Ricky Renaldo and their next-door neighbours Stella and Calvin Campbell had been friends during those childhood years, but as work opportunities changed they drifted apart until one day Naomi discovered Thomas at the local mall … Continue reading Katie’s Wedding

Lifestyle Choice

Waving bush and swaying tree Sends regards for all to see, Flying mynors in the sky Examine all as they fly by. Blue tongue lizard in the yard Pokes its tongue with no regard, Seabirds flying overhead Fly to coast for daily bread. Clouds in ever changing mode Look for place to shed their load, Sun shines eagerly on earth Coaxes flowers daily birth. Kangaroo … Continue reading Lifestyle Choice