Cultural Assimilation – Chapter 3

Breaking the Ice “Maria, there’s a Cecil Brown on the phone, he says you’re expecting his call, shall I put him through?” Dr Haq was momentarily taken off guard. After all these years she still had trouble remembering she was the Maria people were speaking to. That was not her real name but she’d changed her first name while in University to make it more … Continue reading Cultural Assimilation – Chapter 3

Cultural Assimilation -Chapter 2

A New Direction Cecil left the consulting room unhappy. He’d imagined whatever would have to be done would be done this day even though the receptionist had clearly indicated it would be a two visit procedure. As far as he was concerned it was just another way of raiding his bank account and he loved his money. It was one of the reasons Cecil had … Continue reading Cultural Assimilation -Chapter 2

Cultural Assimilation – Chapter 1

The Diagnosis Doctor Williams peered through his scope, stood up, adjusted the angle and peered again for a long time. Cecil sat alert in the chair as the doctor turned with a professional flourish and sat in front of his computer typing in the latest notes on Cecil’s open patient record. The printer by his side sprang into action and began to discharge the results … Continue reading Cultural Assimilation – Chapter 1

Train to Calcutta

Ralph had been in his job at international headquarters office for only a month when the invitation to visit India came to his desk. There was no internet to check out details of the country in those days so he asked his secretary to do research on India and give him a brief summary of her findings. It took her a week to get this … Continue reading Train to Calcutta


26 December 2004, a date never to be forgotten, is an event that shaped the economy and lives of Nagapattinam district citizens.  Nagapattinam is derived from Nagar, referring to people from Sri Lanka who settled here in ancient history, and pattinam referring to town.[1] [2]Nagapattinam had a population of approximately one hundred thousand, and coastal fisherman were going about their business searching ocean depths from … Continue reading Tsunami