Sri Lanka was the next country on my auditing itinerary. In antiquity, Sri Lanka was known to travelers by a variety of names. Known in India as Lanka or Sinhala , ancient Greek geographers called it Taprobane[17] /təˈprɒbəniː/ and Arabs referred to it as Serendib (the origin of the word “serendipity”).[18] Ceilão, the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese when they arrived in … Continue reading Colombo


I’d noticed the security guard and airline desk clerk at the Singapore Canadian Airlines check in counter observing me for some time and wondered what was going on. From my vantage point behind a long line of sweating and irritable passengers carts piled high with electronic equipment bound for Bangladesh I’d time to study my surroundings. The security guard beckoned me to the first class … Continue reading Going FIRST CLASS

Jac’s First Vacation

Jac stared in amazement at the blue expanse in front of him as the bus reached the crest of the hill and began its descent. He’d heard of the ocean in that tiny school tucked away in the rolling hills of interior farmlands. The teacher, Mr Radford, had been posted there after finishing teacher training, and it was apparent to all in that rural community … Continue reading Jac’s First Vacation