Ramesh was very happy with his life. He lived on a large compound owned by a Publishing House. The compound housed workers, as well as providing space for publishing buildings and plant. While housing was cramped for the average family with five children Ramesh had access to spacious manicured grounds providing for a range of sporting activities. The publishers realized keeping employees happy made for … Continue reading Tradition

Want to be Successful?

Then use what you have at your disposal •If you’re born in humble circumstances, use childhood lessons learned as guideposts when seeking opportunities to climb the success ladder The older generation now passing were children raised during the worldwide depression. This was an era of great hardship and human suffering. Families used to the good life were suddenly without a home of their own or … Continue reading Want to be Successful?

First Date

Waited restless all day long With nervous twitch and silent song For Jane had said a definite yes Thought she’d decline I must confess. I barely made it through the day My pulse was racing thoughts would stray To protocols on my first date For starters better not be late. Inspection in the mirror near, Instructions from my Mother dear, She straightens tie caresses hair … Continue reading First Date


Characters in the following story set in India are fictitious and the story is not based on any known events. The bungalow picture above was taken in Pune, India during my work years there. Chapter 1 Loud cries emanating from the bedroom told the assembly of family and friends Shamala’s ordeal was over. All eyes turned to Mohan who was staring expectantly at the bedroom … Continue reading Shakuntala