Night Terror – Chapter 2

  The Decision Wes sat sullenly in a corner as Jay and Sam stared at him shaking their heads in frustration. “I guess we’ll have to wait for the doctors report about Luella, doesn’t look good.” Sam was angry!” Jay shook his head and turned to his friend. “I don’t know what to say Sam. Our whole family is in depression over this. We don’t … Continue reading Night Terror – Chapter 2

Night Terror – Chapter 1

Betrayed Luella sat in the darkness of her bedroom and tried to process her feelings. She couldn’t bear to have lights on as the big wedding picture of her and Wes was on the wall facing her. The picture bought back memories, none of them pleasant. Her face expressed no emotion but inside those emotions churned and churned. At eight O’clock she’d put their child … Continue reading Night Terror – Chapter 1

Katie’s Wedding – Chapter 3

Scene 3 – Friendship Renewed Stella and Calvin Campbell had been excited to reconnect with Naomi Renaldo and had invited Naomi and Kate for Thanksgiving celebration. With Thomas there and other close relatives on the Campbell side of the family that would fill their large home to the brim. In between Stella had made a trip to see Thomas while her husband Cal was on … Continue reading Katie’s Wedding – Chapter 3

Katie’s Wedding – Chapter 2

Scene 2 – Reconnection “Tommy? Tommy Campbell?” Thomas spun around in surprise. No one had called him Tommy since he was a kid and that seemed to be a long time ago. Tom mostly, or even Thomas when he was in trouble with his parents maybe, but even those lapses were long ago. He had a wonderful relationship with his Mom and Dad. While he … Continue reading Katie’s Wedding – Chapter 2